Hello, there! Welcome to my (small and cozy) website. Some people know me as dawgy, but my name is (actually) Aaron. If you want to say "bonjour," I speak both English and (some) French on my communication channels.


During my (limited) free time, I usually enjoy watching an anime or tinkering with one of my servers. I do occasionally do some DIY sensor projects (weather monitoring, etc.), however, the majority of my time is used to maintain my existing projects.

Having said that, an easy-to-read list of my pastimes are below!

  • Drawing
  • Programming (I prefer C# and Python. My projects are available on GitHub)
  • Photography (my gallery contains random photos)
  • Tinkering with my servers & home NAS (see blog post)
  • Managing my small IPv6-only network (AS201979)
  • Studying language
    • French
      Je n'ai pas utilisé le francais depuis longtemps, donc mes competences ne sont pas très bonnes. Je dirais qu'il me faudrait quelques mois pour re-apprendre le francais. Desolé!
      Translation: It's been a long time since I've had to use French, so my grammar isn't that good anymore. It'd probably take a few months to re-learn, sorry!
  • Writing about random things
    • I finally got around to enabling my blog! It's available here :-)


Work Experience

  • Sep. 2020  Started as a part-time junior software developer at bunny.net.
  • June. 2021  Started as a part-time front-end web developer at Varsity Publications Inc.
  • Jan. 2022  Full-time software developer at bunny.net, working on Bunny Fonts and a number of other projects.
  • Sep. 2023  Returned to full-time studies; left bunny.net.

Other projects


I have a Bachelor of Science (BSc) from the University of Toronto.

I majored in both Computer Science, and Env. Science.

Some relevant courses include:

  • Introduction to Software Engineering (B+)
  • Introduction to Databases & Web (A+)
  • Programming on the Web (A+)
  • Computer & Network Security (B+)

Contact Information

My primary mailbox is: me@aaron.pm. With that said, I can also be contacted through the following addresses:

... if you're Canadian, feel free to send a text message to +1 (416) 556-0616. I may not answer calls during the day (unknown callers are usually blocked on my phone), but will happily chat over text message or Discord.